The Drop-In-Center is a state-funded program. It is a safe and empowering space for Young Men who have Sex with Men (YMSM) and Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) of color.

Retreats are facilitated for those 18-29 using the diffused effective behavioral intervention, “Many Men, Many Voices” (3MV). 3MV is a seven-session, group-level HIV and STD prevention intervention for black gay men. The intervention addresses factors that influence the behavior of black men who have sex with men, including cultural, social, and religious norms; interactions between HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases; sexual relationship dynamics; and the social and psychological influences that racism and homophobia have on 1-11V risk behaviors.

CLEAR: Choosing Life: Empowerment! Action! Results! is an evidence-based, health promotion intervention for males and females ages 16 and older living with HIV/AIDS or at high-risk for HIV. CLEAR is a client-centered program delivered one-on-one using cognitive behavioral techniques to change behavior. The intervention provides clients with the skills necessary to be able to make healthy choices for their lives.

Video Opportunities for Innovative Condom Education & Safer Sex (VOICES): is a group-level, single-session video-based intervention designed to increase condom use among African American and Latino men with referrals to visit STD clinics.

Who is eligible ?

Young Gay men ages 13-24

For more information about this program, give us a call to (973) 684-3320

HMPSC staff provide advice and assistance to clients in obtaining medical, social, community, legal, financial, and other needed services.
All information is kept confidential
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